Fast Powerful and Reliable Email Systems. 

Cybertouch provides free email accounts for people. Our mail system is a superior product for ISP's, Hosting Providers and Companies of all sizes, wishing to have an all powerful system that is virtually headache free, simple to use, and requires little to no maintenance.

What we do is offer people free accounts to use and see just how well it performs. There is no cost and no obligation to purchase or order anything. The account you create is permanent and accessible 24/7 52 weeks a year. Give it a try, you have nothing to loose and lots to gain.

The mail system is accessible via Web Browser and any email client such as Thunderbird, Outlook and others via POP3 or IMAP. It's also SSL enabled to give you limited protection of usernames and passwords.


If you are interested in your own setup of this mail system, please contact us toll free at 877.963.1900 and we can discuss with you what your requirements are.

Hardware in terms of Servers capable of running this mail system can be found at


Should you encounter any difficulty or have any questions, please email

Login to CyberTouch WeBMaiL

To enable anti-spam and once logged in, ensure "Spam Detection?" is checkmarked. You may change your email password here and, you may enable many other features such as vaction messages when you are away, forwarding to another email box.

Our Server is a by Servaris... Always up and never down